[time-nuts] Standards for units

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Tue Apr 3 20:14:50 EDT 2007

> The US has been metric since 1988, however the continued use of
> customary units during the indefinitely long transition time is the
> problem. Fundamentally it seems there is a lack of political will to
> place a  definite cutoff date on the use of customary units. 

I have friends who work in the auto industry.  They reported (over 10 years 
ago?) that all new designs are metric.

I wonder how much it would help if GSA gave a serious preference to things 
that were metric?

What's 8.5x11 in metric?  Do we have to convert to A4 too?

For real fun, look at bicycle parts.  I remember seeing one part that had 
25.4 threads per inch.

What fraction of the military is metric?  Do they buy potatoes in kilos or 

> One would have thought that with the advent of computers using the
> "survey inch" and related units for new surveys would have vanished by
> now. 

There is probably a lot of legal baggage there.  I'll bet they will be one of 
the last holdouts.

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