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Bruce Lane kyrrin at bluefeathertech.com
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Hi, Tom,

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On 07-Apr-07 at 00:38 Thomas A. Frank wrote:

>Hello All;
>I apologize for this slightly off topic question, but can anyone 
>recommend any interesting surplus places (where one might find say a 
>5062...) in the following places:


>Seattle, WA (other than the Boeing surplus store...I already visit 
>there each trip out that way, and I heartily recommend it)

	Electronic Dimensions, Tacoma. Nice people, good service, but be warned: They have a bad habit of overpricing, and they're not terribly good about haggling. See my web entry on them...


>Victoria, BC, Canada (or nearby)

	Victoria, nothing. It's a snooty tourist trap.

	Vancouver, BC... Best to check the Yellow Pages for the area when you get there. There used to be at least two decent places on the outskirts, but it's been at least twenty years since I last checked. In fact, if you do find a decent spot (or more than one) in Vancouver or vicinity, I would appreciate hearing about it so I can do a review and listing.

	Happy hunting.

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