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Bruce Lane kyrrin at bluefeathertech.com
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On 06-Apr-07 at 21:44 John Miles wrote:

>Now that RADAR Inc. is out of business, the only surplus place I am aware

	Actually, Radar, Inc. is still very much alive and well. It's just that they relocated to Kirkland, are only open during the week, and their "surplus" area has shrunken dramatically. In fact, the percentage vs. their new stuff is so low that they don't qualify for a listing on my surplus places site.

>of in the Seattle area is Vetco (http://www.vetcosurplus.com/)  Not much HP

	Vetco? Ewwww.... They lost their listing recently, due to the fact that they've dropped below the 50% surplus threshold I look for. They're still a good stop if you need based LEDs, or a few other types of small parts, but they're a bad joke where test gear is concerned.

	I also don't recall seeing any Tek knobs at all (I visited just about three weeks ago), and I also remember that their prices on the few Tek probes they had were way out of line.

	Unless you need something they specifically have, I wouldn't waste your time.

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