[time-nuts] Schematic Needed for TrueTime XL-DC

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Sat Apr 7 11:38:49 EDT 2007

I *think* the XL-DC might still have some current links on the Symmetricom

I've discovered that trying to get any schematics from them is impossible,
even for old / obsolete equipment. But they love to comment on how you
should upgrade to their latest piece of hardware. ;)

Do you have a specific issue / question, or just curious about the design?


>Greetings, and Good Friday to all,
>Just a query as to whether anyone out there has any schematic diagrams for
>TrueTime XL-DC that I can obtain either in hard copy or PDF?
>Thanks in advance,
>G. W. Ko,  E.D., M.S.E.E., PhD, ScD,
>CsUTC Observatory
>Wichita, Kansas   USA

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