[time-nuts] XL-DC and GPS-DC Problem-Solving Issues

NE8S ne8s at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 7 13:20:24 EDT 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am currently analytically involved in solving two different problems with a TrueTime XL-DC and a TrueTime GPS-DC.

Schematics for both would be most helpful and efficient but, of course, not absolutely necessary for a successful diagnosis and corrective action.

If anyone would happen to have any schematic representation of either or both of these GPS systems, I would be grateful.

Many thanks to some Time-Nuts Contributors, I do have the operational manuals for the XL-DC and the XL-AK but that is all. No schematics included and I realize that they are very hard to spring from TrueTime. But maybe, just maybe, someone - somewhere has achieved this feat.

The XL-DC's switching power supply is down and the GPS-DC has some backup memory supply issues and the data entry keyboard is worn out and to the point of being totally non-responsive.

Thanks in advance.

I remain and must press on,

Gar Won Ko
CsUTC Observatory
Bio-Nucleonics Laboratory

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