[time-nuts] Looking for Wavecrest Visi

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Sun Apr 8 17:19:12 EDT 2007

> Hi Bruce,
> again, I did say in my original post that my math only works if their noise  
> is Gaussian, and that I did not know if it was.
> Also, please note that they do claim 25ps Accuracy , and 800 femtoseconds  
> Hardware resolution, not the other way around.


One way to settle this is for you to collect a data set
of back-to-back single-shot time interval samples over
GPIB and have a look at the data. Even a hundred
samples is enough; it will take a fraction of a second;
probably limited by GPIB speed.

Doing this with a 5328, 5334, 5370, 5371, 53132, or
620, etc. clearly shows what the native resolution of
these machines is.

Do not use an averaging mode. All of the above TIC
allow averaging, and yes, with averaging you get a
significant gain in apparent resolution. But we're talking
here about the single-shot resolution of the hardware.

Related to that, about how many single-shot samples
per second can you get out of a Wavecrest?


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