[time-nuts] Setting Osc Frequencies

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Apr 11 02:04:12 EDT 2007

> And Hal- what about the pcb layout for Bruce's 74CX version? Had time
> to look at it yet? 

It fell through the cracks when I got interested in something else.

Is anybody really interested in that board?  If so, please send me a 
reminder about the schematic.

There have been lots of ideas kicked around recently.  Is that still the 
right/best thing to build?

I've used PCB Express, http://www.pcbexpress.com/

$125 for 10 boards, 2 layers, no solder mask, up to 9 sq inches
$265 for solder mask and top silk screen.
add $45 for silk on the bottom side

Round up for shipping and taxes and whatever.

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