[time-nuts] Comments on ADEV, MDEV, TDEV, etc

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Wed Apr 11 08:48:51 EDT 2007

Tom Clark, K3IO wrote:

>    I know it was mentioned earlier, but the "bible" on all these *DEV
>    topics is the User Manual from Bill Wriley's STABLE32 (see
>    [3]http://www.wriley.com/) and his various papers. Several of us (TvB,
>    Rick & me for 3) find that STABLE32 is one of the most useful software
>    packages ever written; well worth the ~$400 it costs.
>    Regards, Tom

While I'm plugging things, I'll add my bit for STABLE32.  It really is 
the definitive source for any sort of stability analysis.  And, since I 
have to mention *nix in every post :-), I have it running reasonably 
well on my Linux system using the WINE emulator.  There's one annoying 
hangup that results in crashes under certain circumstances, and I'm 
hoping the Wine guys will be able to resolve it, but until then, 
following the Doctor's advice:  "Well, don't do that, then" works.

By the way -- Ulrich's analysis program is also very good, and I've used 
it under Wine with good results as well.  There's one problem with the 
Greek characters sometimes getting messed up in the display, but again 
that's fairly easy to live with.


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