[time-nuts] Oops - wrong URL for tvb plot!

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I need your advise on the Gibraltar project.  Is there a good time that we
could speak on the phone?

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Tom Van Baak wrote:

> For fancier plotting I extract tau/adev pairs from either
> adev1 or Stable32 and make pretty log/log plots using
> Excel; MRTG, gnuplot, grace are alternatives.

For those working in the *nix world, let me put in a plug for grace 
(plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.il/Grace/ ).

It's a quite capable plotting tool, and what's really nice is that with 
the appropriate incantations it can operate in either interactive 
WYSIWYG mode or in batch mode from the command line (or a script).

I've also figured out a way (with the help of an external perl script) 
to modify the basic plot parameters on the fly, so I can automagically 
generate customized plots without having to manually edit the grace 
configuation (that's my stable-stats program -- a bit of info is at 

What's cool is that I can use the interactive mode to design a pretty 
chart, and then use the batch mode to automatically update it with new data.

As a famously obnoxious computer columnist used to say, "highly 


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