[time-nuts] Looking for Wavecrest Visi

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Wed Apr 11 21:27:09 EDT 2007

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tvb at LeapSecond.com writes:

I  thought I remember from the manual that there's a whole
set of nice SCPI  commands. Can't you just send them by
hand or code something up using the  USB-GPIB board?


If only I had the time...
Coding is probably not too tough, but debugging could take very long.
Also, Visi has their patented tail-fit jitter algorithm which gives you the  
left and right RMS random jitter when the signal has deterministic jitter on 
it.  Don't think other instruments can do that. Very useful for DDS design 
where  spurs (read deterministic jitter) comes with the territory.
What bugs me is that I paid for that Visi software, and cannot use it. It  
does what I need it to do...  They want over $6K for the newer  versions of Visi.
BTW: someone bought the Wavecrest DTS-2070 on Ebay. Maybe they have the  time 
to code something up?

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