[time-nuts] Crossing International Date line causes F-22 Jet Problems

Brendan Minish ei6iz.brendan at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 07:11:36 EDT 2007

Noting to do with time keeping but a number of years ago I was involved
with a Voyage thought the North West passage 

The Autopilot in use on the boat works by learning it's corrections for
local magnetic deviation from the GPS system by watching the course. It
steers by Fluxgate compass but updates heading and compass deviations
based on GPS data when set to steer a GPS track

The Controller unit in the autopilot died and never recovered from
trying to correct for magnetic north being almost due south of current
position and having a southerly course set whilst being north of the
magnetic North Pole. 

The manufacturer never admitted a programming 'issue' but we did get a
replacement controller once the north west passage voyage was over.
We had no issues on the North east passage but of course the deviations
on that voyage would not have created the same problem

you can read about these journeys at 
You will have to dig a bit for the North west passage journey 

Brendan EI6IZ 

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