[time-nuts] GPS: ADEV or MDEV?

Peter Schmelcher nebula at telus.net
Sat Apr 14 05:40:57 EDT 2007

>Surely its better to detect the pseudorange instability in software (if
>one has access)  rather than attenuating the signal from all SVs.
>Another option is to use multiple GPS antennae operating as a phased array.

Of course but I think that approach is part of sub nanosecond time transfer 
accuracy. Attenuation is simple and the results are descent. The signal is 
less than 6dB above the receiver noise floor to acquire SV. Unfortunately 
the SV do not have matched output power so they are acquired and weighted 
unequally. Also slow ionospheric disturbances are not rejected from the pps 
solution. Not perfect but still good. I made a half hour WinOncore12 .bin 
file april13_-10dB.rar that is extremely boring for the first half and then 
somewhat revealing as SV are dropped, recaptured and then finally lost. 
WinOncore is required to play it. Also thank you Didier for the use of your 
ftp http://www.ko4bb.com/~manuals/


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