[time-nuts] Prologix GPIB/USB converter help...

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Sun Apr 15 13:45:13 EDT 2007

Well, I got my perl code, using Device::SerialPort, to work by *not*
selecting raw mode, but explicitly adding CRLF to the command string by
using chr() to append those characters.  I have no idea why...

I'm also getting a weird error from the Device::SerialPort deconstructor
on close, but that's workable.


Christopher Hoover said the following on 04/15/2007 01:06 PM:
>> I think the problem is most likely with the requirement for putting a
>> linefeed at the end of each transmission.  I *think* I'm doing that, but
>> there's something there that's not working properly.
> Yes, it is quite picky about line endings -- too much so IMNSHO.
> My perl code that talks to my FS700 via the dongle puts termios in raw mode
> and explicitly sends "\r\n" after each command.
> But minicom does work with it.  IIRC I had to type the '\r' by hand.
> -ch

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