[time-nuts] Prologix GPIB/USB converter help...

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Tue Apr 17 22:40:47 EDT 2007

I struck gold, I got two brand new units in original packaging with 
manuals and cables for $90 on eBay a year ago or so... The seller had 2 
in a Dutch auction for $90 each, and I was going to buy one but I missed 
the deadline and the units did not sell... As I was writing him an email 
to ask if he was still willing to sell one unit at that price, I saw he 
had reposted them at $90 for 2, BIN. I jumped on it.

Actually, my favorite is the Black Box Serial-488 Controller (it was 
designed by IOTech, who sells essentially the same unit as the 
Serial488A). It's a monster compared to the IOTech Micro488/P, but the 
separate power supply eliminates the requirement for modem control lines 
and I can use a simple 3 wire cable, and the unit don't care how many 
unpowered devices there are on the bus. Since I have a dozen or so 
instruments daisy chained at all times, it's a little more convenient. I 
replaced the 3 terminal 5V linear regulator inside with a small 
switcher, so it runs cool from a standard wall wart instead of a 1A supply.

My logging software can handle either controller though, so with my 
setup, it does not really matter which one I use.

The Micro488/P is neat though, I must admit.

Didier KO4BB

Tom Van Baak wrote:
>> As someone pointed out, a Serial-USB adapter cost only about $10 
>> (www.geeks.com), and I would not mind having a GPIB-Serial device, and 
>> attach a Serial-USB if I want to. Once you provide USB only, that's it, 
>> it will be USB or nothing. The one drawback of a Serial only controller 
>> is that you probably need a separate power supply. It's not the end of 
>> the world though. It's not an absolute obligation either. I have a pair 
>> of IOTech Micro488/P controllers that are powered from the serial port. 
>> They use a Motorola 68HC05 chip internally and work well, even with the 
>> serial port from my Dell laptop. The command set is simple and 
>> effective, I would recommend it. When bought new, these IOTech serial 
>> controllers cost an arm, both legs and an eye... eBay to the rescue :-)
>> Didier
> I'm happy to hear someone else is using the IoTech
> Micro488/P. It's my all-time favorite GPIB controller.
> /tvb
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