[time-nuts] "Antelope Audio Launches The Isochrone 10M Affordable Atomic Clocking Device"

David Forbes dforbes at dakotacom.net
Thu Apr 19 12:38:25 EDT 2007

At 9:35 AM -0400 4/19/07, Maggie Leber wrote:
>I'm trying to decide if there's even the slightest chance that this
>actually has any justification,
>or if it's just the latest successor to the $500 wooden knobs and
>"Tube-o-lator" chip lacquer. ...


The only thing missing from that expensive box is a 12 digit 
frequency display to show all the zeroes that the customer just paid 
so much money for.

An accurate clock is somewhat useful, but the audiophile way is to 
spend a lot of money to optimize some unimportant parameter way too 
far while ignoring the basic things.

Considering that only rarely is a recording more than an hour long, 
having sample timing accuracy for an eight-day-long recording is 

Also, it's hard to find a person capable of detecting the pitch error 
caused by any crystal oscillator being out of whack by the typical 
.01% of a cheap microprocessor crystal. That's less than a tenth of a 
Hertz at middle A!

However, if you want the best for your mastering studio, a $100 ebay 
surplus ovenized crystal will get you to .00001% accuracy easily, 
with lower jitter than a phase-locked rubidium oscillator.


--David Forbes, Tucson, AZ

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