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That one did it.  There has been some talk about Klipschorns during this thread,
and I must confess that I'd like to have a pair.  Not only for the way they
sound, etc., but I have an interesting special connection..
Turns out that I bought a Beech Bonanza in 1976 (which I still have!). As I was
going over the paperwork with it, I learned that it had belonged to Klipsch
Associates, and was indeed Paul Klipsch's!  I got up the courage to give him a
call a few years later, and ended up having at least an hour long conversation
with him.  He was quite a colorful fellow and EE.  I was glad to have gotten to
talk with him before he died.


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I lurk in the digest mode- very rarely have anything to offer, but have 
to say that I've thoroughly enjoyed these forays off into audiophoolery! 
just amazing how many ways people can be parted from their money. Makes 
me think I'm in the wrong business- but, truth to tell, I couldn't live 
with myself if I had written some of the c**p in those sites.

John and John- I have had a pair of Klipschorns since 1969. Never been 
tempted to give em up. But I have to tell you guys about a friend of 
mine who showed up at my door one saturday last summer to show me what 
he'd just picked up at a garage sale near Ames that morning.... you 
guessed it, a pair of K-horns. Dusty. A bit scarred. But in good shape, 
nothing blown. For $50.

'Nuff said.

time-nuts-request at febo.com wrote- from John Day and John De Armond:


     >>I feel yer pain buddy! My real Klipsches didn't survive a fire.

     >Sad, isn't it. But in those days I had a house with a good size
     >listening room ( 16m long, about 6m wide) that could handle them.

    > > Gawd
    > >I miss those horns. Those proved that excellent speakers make
    > >everything else in the system relatively unimportant.

     >And the efficiency! I got turned on to horns by a now sadly departed
     >friend who had some upright folded horns that could fill his place
     >with only three or four watts.


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