[time-nuts] [Fwd: Efratom MRT.....Help me !]

Maggie Leber k3xs at arrl.net
Sun Apr 22 00:32:56 EDT 2007

http://bama.sbc.edu/efratom.htm is the first hit on Google. It points to


On 4/21/07, Bill Janssen <billj at ieee.org> wrote:
> Any one want to help this person?

> From: "mauri" <maREMOVEBEFOREREPLYurinot at libero.it>
> To:
> Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 19:56:42 GMT
> Subject: Efratom MRT.....Help me !
> I have a frequency standard Efratom type MRT,
> and I am looking for the Service manual .

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