[time-nuts] 10MHz to 32MHz?

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Sun Apr 22 23:24:16 EDT 2007

> Hi John,
> talking about 4046 PLL's: we are looking for a better Spice model
> for the
> 4046 PLL, but only found an HC4046 model in Pspice. That part is
> too slow.
> Would you have a pointer to a better chip such as the 74HC4046  etc?
> thanks,
> Said

Not sure; I've never used any SPICE other than LTSpice, and never tried to
use a 4046 in it.  I'll bet they have a model for it somewhere, though.  I
would think you could just play with the propagation delay values in the
HC4046 model to make it work with any other logic family.

I've built a ton of PLLs with the PLLatinum and Analog Devices chips, but
only one with a 4046.

-- john, KE5FX

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