[time-nuts] HP59309A HP-IB Digital Clock Operating and Service Manual

Martin Fischer Martin.Fischer at marconi.com
Mon Apr 23 10:06:50 EDT 2007

   Hello Community,
   some time ago there were several threads on this list concerning the
   HP59309A HP-IB Digital Clock.
   My own HP 59309A Digital Clock does not respond to the EXT FREQ STD
   so I want to try to check and fix this problem.
   Does anybody know where to get a downloadable (scanned) copy
   of the HP59309A Operating and Service Manual?
   The manual is neither on the Agilent website nor elsewhere on the net.
   Ordering a hardcopy fom a manual vendor will be prohibitively
   expensive due to shipment cost (my location is Germany).
   Any hint will be highly appreciated.
   mailto:Martin.Fischer at marconi.com

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