[time-nuts] GPS: ADEV or MDEV?

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>So  you can imagine that Vref noise on the order of 1e-12 might
>just start  being noticeable in the plot, meaning that if you want
>short-term  performance down in the low 12's and if you have
>an OCXO that even gets  that low, then you want to keep your
>Vref (and DAC, filters, etc.)  clean to microvolt levels.

>It's just a back of the envelop  calculation so I'm not really sure.
>Someone correct me if you see  something wrong.

Hi Tom,
the 10811 I had used in the past had about +-2Hz deviation for a 0 - 5V  
EFC... So 8E-08 sensitivity per volt.
That very low sensitivity (10x lower than MTI parts) also gives a 10x  higher 
EFC noise immunity.

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