[time-nuts] Long GPS antenna

Dr Bruce Griffiths bruce.griffiths at xtra.co.nz
Mon Apr 23 23:18:30 EDT 2007

Palfreyman, Jim L wrote:
> Folks,
> The longest antenna I have for my GPSDO is 5m (it's a Trimble ACE III
> inside). Is it possible to lengthen this just by adding an extension
> cable (SMB female on one end and SMB male on the other)? I'd be
> interested in adding another 5m.
> I've not been able to find any antennas with a cable longer than 5m.
> Thanks and regards
> Jim Palfreyman
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As long as the additional attenuation in the cable is acceptable this 
should be OK.

Most of the timing antennas came with a coax connector at the base so 
you can use custom lengths of coax with them.


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