[time-nuts] Updated VLBI tutorial available on gpstime.com

Tom Clark, K3IO K3IO at verizon.net
Wed Apr 25 15:43:17 EDT 2007

Next week the VLBI community is having another TOW (Technical Operations
Workshop) at the Haystack Observatory NW of Boston. The audience for the
TOW is mainly the technicians at each site who drive the telescopes and
keep the hardware running. VLBI is crucially dependent on timing and
every station is equipped with at least one Hydrogen Maser. As usual, I
have been tapped as the timing "teacher".

My PowerPoint class notes "Timing for VLBI" are now posted available on

These notes include some fairly recent data on how well the new
real-time "de-sawtooth" hardware in Rick's CNS Clock II works as
compared with the software correction we have been using for many years
(the two agree to 300 psec RMS now that we learned how to "tune" the
programmable delay line).

73, Tom

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