[time-nuts] Updated VLBI tutorial available on gpstime.com

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Wed Apr 25 16:16:06 EDT 2007

Hi Tom:

I didn't see in the VLBI slides what was done to "tune" the delay line, but did 
see a hint that there's been a firmware upgrade for it.  Can you elaborate?

I like the Cursor Clock on your web page.

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

Tom Clark, K3IO wrote:
> Next week the VLBI community is having another TOW (Technical Operations
> Workshop) at the Haystack Observatory NW of Boston. The audience for the
> TOW is mainly the technicians at each site who drive the telescopes and
> keep the hardware running. VLBI is crucially dependent on timing and
> every station is equipped with at least one Hydrogen Maser. As usual, I
> have been tapped as the timing "teacher".
> My PowerPoint class notes "Timing for VLBI" are now posted available on
> http://gpstime.com/.
> These notes include some fairly recent data on how well the new
> real-time "de-sawtooth" hardware in Rick's CNS Clock II works as
> compared with the software correction we have been using for many years
> (the two agree to 300 psec RMS now that we learned how to "tune" the
> programmable delay line).
> 73, Tom
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