[time-nuts] OT: eBay bidding question

Mike Feher mfeher at eozinc.com
Thu Apr 26 16:44:50 EDT 2007

I cannot believe the confusion. This stuff is child's play compared to what
we typically discuss on here. Think about it, and re-read some of the
earlier posts, including mine. I have been on ebay for 10 years and I know
exactly how it works. There is nothing wrong or misleading about the amounts
or the sequence of bids as shown on the questioned item. - Mike

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When I asked these questions of eBay; the unsatisfactory answer was that 
only "actual" bids show.

This meaning a new bid submmitted would create new/ additional line, 
similar to the series of bids on April 23.
Is not clear why this bidder put in so many bids within two minutes, since 
no other bidder's 'proxy' bid shows as exceeding any of his bids.

Also does not explain following:  Bidder six placed bid on April 22, but 
his bid does not show until after many other bids are placed on 23, 24, and 
25 April.  It is expected he would show as a bidder if his bid was 
4,000.  If his bid was less, then he would have needed to bid again; which 
eBay says would result in the new bid submission being displayed.

Tom Buehl

At 03:17 PM 4/26/2007, you wrote:
>In a message dated 4/26/2007 05:23:48 Pacific Daylight Time, rexa at sonic.net
>Can  anyone propose a sequence of bids on dates that explains this list
>of  recorded bids and dates? I guess there must be one but it is  evading
> >
> >    *Bidder*    Bid  Amount    Date of bid
> >   Bidder 6    US $4,000.00  Apr-22-07  05:14:15
> >    Bidder 8    US $4,000.00   Apr-25-07 00:49:30
>Could this be because of bid retractions or simply revising a bid?
>Are the times/dates local time or Ebay UTC?
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