[time-nuts] OT: eBay bidding question

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Sat Apr 28 13:43:43 EDT 2007

Yep, if your bid meets or exceeds the reserve, then the price bumps to the
reserve price.

However, I've often discovered people that set reserves usually want way too
much for their item. Even people that go in a bidding frenzy often end up
below the reserve price.

I think it is just another way for eBay to make money, since I've often seen
people list an item with a minimum price, and a reserve. Another odd combo
is when you see them list a high minimum price, but also a BIN with the same
price (or a dollar more)... They are just flushing money down the drain when
they do that. *shrug*

> As I understand it, if your proxy bid is below the reserve, it will
> get recorded at the usual bid increment.  If your proxy bid is above
> the reserve, it will get recorded at the reserve amount... at least
> that is they way it has worked for me.

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