[time-nuts] Fury Realhamradio listing

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Sat Apr 28 22:12:10 EDT 2007

> As of today (55+ hours of operation) the unit achieved 30 picosecond  average 
> to UTC with a 2 nanosecond standard deviation. This is with a  dual-oven 
> SC-cut OCXO option. One caveat: the firmware revision is still a  pre-release 
> version, and will be improved in the coming weeks.

In reporting 1PPS TI, did you measure what averaging
time the Z3801A uses? And what averaging time do you
use in your Z3801A emulation?

I ask because the single-shot granularity of the Z3801A
appears to be around 100 ps, at least the TI value of a
Z3801A syst:stat is always a multiple of 0.1 ns. For a
fair comparison, what is equivalent the Fury single-shot

Second question, I'm not sure "30 picoseconds" means
anything. I mean, this is a GPSDO -- and so when you
talk about its average value compared to UTC it seems
you're just comparing the Fury with itself, right? What
am I missing?


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