[time-nuts] Gentlemen, unlimber your Broadband Connections

Neon John jgd at johngsbbq.com
Sun Apr 29 02:17:23 EDT 2007

For here is the treasure-trove for those of us who like old machines,
fire bottles and big hunking things that glow and make noise.


In particular, 
Over a gig of scanned tube manuals, textbooks, reference books, etc.

Among the goodies, note the Coyne Electrical School encyclopedia,
perhaps THE best all-in-one summary of industrial electricity
pre-solid state.  Much is still applicable.  I was gifted a set of
these when I was about 7 and commenced to memorize them :-)

Also note one of the Radio Handbooks that has design information on
designing diathermy machines.  Induction heating, anyone?

John De Armond
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