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>I  ask because the single-shot granularity of the Z3801A
>appears to be  around 100 ps, at least the TI value of a
>Z3801A syst:stat is always a  multiple of 0.1 ns. For a
>fair comparison, what is equivalent the Fury  single-shot

Hi Tom,
I found some data that may shed some light on your question:
attached is a plot of our totally raw Fury Time Interval capture. Its about  
190,000 seconds worth, with a hold-over time right in the middle of the 
capture.  Y axis is nanoseconds offset, X is seconds.
There is no filtering done whatsoever on this data. This is from our  
single-oven OCXO, albeit this particular example is quite a good single oven  unit.
Ulrich's plotter utility reports the standard deviation as 7.075ns over the  
entire data.
So even our totally raw, unfiltered TI result is better than most Z3801A's  
filtered (time averaged) TI outputs.
I will send the same data capture but with our 30s filtering turned on in a  
second email.

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