[time-nuts] Re: WWV/WWVH reception conditions

Peter Vince pvince at theiet.org
Tue May 1 04:40:02 EDT 2007

>In the evenings, 2.5 MHz and 5 MHz have been coming in fairly clearly
>several times in the past week from local midnight to local morning
>or so.  When propogation is open on those frequencies I also pick
>up the Venezuala time/frequency standard station YVTO.

Call sign: YVTO
Location: Caracas, 10° 30' N, 66° 56' W

I believe http://www.dhn.mil.ve/  is the appropriate site, but it 
seems to be all in Portuguese :-(

>YVTO's time pulses seem to be about a half-second out of phase when
>I hear it.  Is it possible that it's ticking to UT1, and not UTC?
>Last time I scoped them the difference was about 0.45 seconds.
>There's also a Chinese station on 5 MHz according to some charts
>but I don't think I've ever heard it.

Call sign: BPM
Location: Pucheng County, 70 km NE Lintong, China. Approx. 35° 00' N, 
109° 30' E

http://kyc.ntsc.ac.cn/ and http://www.time.ac.cn/ are apparently 
relevant, although, not surprisingly, they seem to be in Chinese :-(

I found these links from a useful document "Standard Frequency and 
Time Signal Stations on Longwave and Shortwave" from 


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