[time-nuts] NTP Synchronised Nixie Tube Clock

Daun Yeagley daun at yeagley.net
Tue May 8 12:34:52 EDT 2007

Ah, but I saw some glass semiconductor diodes in there!  Look about half way
down the page.  Could they be 1N914's?  (I don't do German)


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On 5/8/07, Jason Rabel <jason at extremeoverclocking.com> wrote:
> Lol, as I was reading the posts I was thinking, "I bet Tom hooked one up to
> his Maser"....
> And sure enough the proof is in the pictures. ;)
> You guys crack me up.

Of course, a truly hard-core Nixie tube clock wouldn't use
semiconductors at all.


 (or http://tinyurl.com/3632h )


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