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as I do not have problems with this strange lange, I hope I can help finding the answer ;-)
According the description, not having started with a ready overall design the developper Friedhelm Bruegmann did work 7 years on it! 
He did start, because he had the idea to bring all his collected valves into practical use after a long period of collection.
A lot of appearing technical problems had to be solved then. Therefore it was not possible to have a clear idea about the power needed for this project, which finally gave him some headaches. Though theoretically 
possible to avoid  all semiconductors totally, the transformers of choice turned out to be too small. As there are already 103 vacuum tubes in use, just the heater current levelled up to 39A! But, as at the time of digital 
breakthrough semiconducter diodes were already in mixed use with VTs, Friedhelm did not see a breach of style to use SC-diodes. He applied 4xBY227, 66xBA157, 72x1N4148. All these parts are clearly shown in the 
diagrams and mentioned in the description. I stopped thinking about the bigger size of chassis he would have needed.
Anyway, a outstanding development! 

Beside, did ENIAC use any semiconducters? 

The run-up you can watch here:
The set-back is shown here:
The total schematic:


Arnold, DK2WT

On Tue, 8 May 2007 12:34:52 -0400, Daun Yeagley wrote:

>Ah, but I saw some glass semiconductor diodes in there!  Look about half way
>down the page.  Could they be 1N914's?  (I don't do German)


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>On 5/8/07, Jason Rabel <jason at extremeoverclocking.com> wrote:
>> Lol, as I was reading the posts I was thinking, "I bet Tom hooked one up to
>> his Maser"....
>> And sure enough the proof is in the pictures. ;)
>> You guys crack me up.

>Of course, a truly hard-core Nixie tube clock wouldn't use
>semiconductors at all.


> (or http://tinyurl.com/3632h )


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