[time-nuts] NTP Synchronised Nixie Tube Clock

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Tue May 8 18:49:38 EDT 2007

Well, mine is not NTP or GPS controlled (unless the PC is), but it has a 
lot of bells and whistles :-)


(free download, no charge even for the bugs, er... unexpected features)

Didier KO4BB

Bill Hawkins wrote:
> Well, I've been using the virtual Nixie clock from JagAir at
> http://www.clockvault.com/nixie.htm
> No hardware to fail, choice of display tubes, but it only runs
> on Windows. The software is free. I'm a satisfied user, with no
> commercial interest. There is other good stuff at the site.
> Bill Hawkins

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