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Mon May 14 18:46:12 EDT 2007

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nice to see you arrive here at this mysthic place where  we render homage
the ancient gods of time and frequency and the modern gods  of rubidium
and cesium... 

Please follow Didier's suggestion, so  more people than just me can take
advantage out of it.  

Hi Ulrich
And many thanks for the truly poetic welcome:-)
As you'll see from my reply to Didier, I just need his confirmation that  
he's ok with hosting the manual, and others, that originally came from Teknet  
before I upload them.
If you need it urgently you could register with Teknet and  download it, or I 
could send it to you and still upload it to Didier's manual  site.
For anyone needing info on the PTS X10 or PTS250, I have manuals for  these 
too but only in printed format.
I'm not able to scan complete manuals right now but could extract specific  
information if not too many pages.
I don't know why but, in the UK anyway, the PTS units seem to be one of the  
world's best kept secrets.
>From the time I bought my first PTS160, convinced from the info on the PTS  
site that I'd found something special but not being quite sure until I'd played 
 with it, I was totally hooked.
I've got Rockland Wavetek, and Racal, units that are similar, but the  PTS 
units, for me anyway, definitely have the edge.


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