[time-nuts] Z3801A with other GPS receiver

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Fri May 18 22:47:53 EDT 2007

Dr Bruce Griffiths wrote:
> Didier
> It would probably be more productive/profitable to develop one of the 
> inexpensive high resolution GPS disciplining techniques recently discussed.
> performance is likely to be better and could be used to discipline most 
> commonly available OCXOs using any GPS receiver that has sawtooth 
> correction data available.
> Bruce

Not knowing exactly what that entails, in spite of the volume of useful 
information you and others have dispensed on this list on that subject, 
but always the hopeful engineer that I am :-), I wholeheartedly agree 
with you.

Another approach I am interested in pursuing is the Thunderbolt 
approach, where the 10 MHz is used (directly or via PLL or multiplier) 
as the processor clock. That eliminates the sawtooth issue entirely, but 
would limit the GPS engine to one that can be operated that way (with 
the right clock frequency).

Either way, it sounds more fun than a serial converter.

However, it would be a fairly long term project for me, and for the 
foreseeable future, I probably won't be able to dedicate enough time to 
get such an ambitious project going.

Oh well, there is always retirement...


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