[time-nuts] Other GPS receiver

Murray Greenman murray at rakon.co.nz
Sun May 20 14:26:01 EDT 2007


Navman for some time made a functional clone of the Motorola 8-ch
receiver, and although it is a 12-ch receiver, I believe it talks the
8-ch language used by the GPS receiver in the Z3801A. This was Navman's
model Jupiter T. It was the same size and shape, and had the same
connectors, as the GPS in the Z3801A and Z3815A.

Very likely they still make something similar, although the Jupiter T is
now obsolete.

I have several Jupiter T units and have written code to receive their
data. I can't guarantee that they will work in the Z3801A though. I
don't plan to pull mine apart!

Murray ZL1BPU

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