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>Hi everybody! I've got a bit of a mystery to solve;

> I was wondering if you have run in to an Agilent Crystal Oscillator p/n
>10811-60168 before. This model is not the customary 10811 a/b device I
>have seen on the Internet. It has the exact same case as the 10811 a/b but
>a different interface PCB terminated with a "pig tail" and a little 6 pin
>amp fem connector attached.

I am pretty certain that it is the same as the 10811-60120. This one has the following connections:
Brown wire:    12 volt return
Red wire:        +12volt (Osc AGC)
Orange wire:    12 volt return
Yellow wire:     Oven Monitor
Green wire:      Oven Positive(+12V TO +30V)
Blue wire:         Oven Negative

On the board, there should be 2 micon connectors. They are as follows:
J1                EFC (-5V to +5V)
J2                10 Mhz Output

Chuck Norton

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