[time-nuts] New Trimble timing products

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Mon May 21 20:43:08 EDT 2007

I asked and got a quote for small quantities of the Resolution-T GPS 
receiver (specified at 15nS rms from UTC) and the Mini-T GPSDO from the 
local Trimble rep.

In qty 1-9, the Resolution-T GPS receiver (bare board) is $75, and the 
Mini-T (which is a complete embedded GPSDO on a PWB) is $945.

Unless you need the very small form factor and low power consumption, 
and unless the performance (so far, data is unavailable, I have asked 
for Allan Variance data) is outstanding, the Fury is a better deal, in 
my opinion.

Didier KO4BB

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