[time-nuts] 15 ns vs. 15 nS

John Day johnday at wordsnimages.com
Tue May 22 11:50:40 EDT 2007

At 10:30 AM 5/22/2007, you wrote:

>John Day wrote:
> > At 09:26 AM 5/22/2007, Didier Juges wrote:
> >
> >> Having been on the western side of the pond for too long (people here
> >> could not care less about SI units, they drive on parkways and park on
> >> driveways anyhow), I got bad habits, sorry...
> >>
> >
> > We'll forgive you Didier! I find the same thing up here in Canada
> > despite the fact we are slightly more metricated than the US.
> >
> > However I just cannot bring myself to give up 'English' spelling.
> > Canada is confused, they spell some things English style, and other
> > things US style. But for me it is still colour, programme and metre.
> >
> > John
> >
> >
>That's OK, you should hear a conversation at home between my children
>and me. It would make a franco-english canadian cringe...

Funniest thing is I have a very good friend, a librarian in Paris, 
who comes to Canada regularly. He prefers to converse in English with 
Francophone Canadians because he says it is easier to understand than 
the 18th century, rural France, based accent of the French spoken here.

>Now, the funniest part was when I started here some 20 years ago, and I
>went to the secretary and asked for a rubber... She sent me to the stock
>room, who sent me to someone else. It took me 3 stops to realize they
>were having a good time at my expense...

Just as well you didn't go into the pharmacy and ask for a French 
Letter, the colloquial name I grew up with for the same thing!


>Didier KO4BB

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