[time-nuts] Kode 375-928 Display - Help!

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RS-485 is a balanced drive (i.e., 2 floating wires).  It would be better to
power it up and see if the standard RS-232 signal levels are present on the
proper pins (2 & 3) before doing anything else (assuming absence of a manual).
I do not know if there is a standard pinout for RS-485 on a dsub 25 connector.


Jack Hudler wrote:

> It might be RS-485 and so multiple displaies could have its own address on a
> multidrop setup.
> About the only trick there is finding out if its 2 or 4 wire 485 (probably 2
> because of the address).
> Think I've seen some USB to 485 converters on the market, but you might get
> away with driving it with RS-232.
> Go Google RS-485
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> So off of an impulse (and low bid of $9.99) I bought a Kode 375-928 display
> off eBay. No picture or anything in the auction, but I figured I would take
> the chance and hopefully nobody else would bid.
> A huge box came today, and guess what was inside? This display has to be
> about 3 to 4 feet long! It has 12 alpha-numeric type digits (broken up in to
> three groups of four).
> The back interface has only a 25pin dsub connector along with jumpers for
> baud rate select & address select. There's a couple more holes for
> additional connectors but they are not installed.
> Inside it is pretty bare, there's the power supplies, PCB for the front
> display digits, then another PCB with a bunch of socketed chips which I'm
> guessing is the brains.
> I'll have to probe the (serial?) port tomorrow when I get to the office.
> I'll also take some pictures, this thing is pretty cool looking.
> So, my question is... Does anyone have any sort of experience with these
> kind of Kode displays? Or just a generic hunch about the interface? I was
> thinking maybe it was a BCD port, but I've never seen one with a baud rate /
> address selection. The only other Kode I have uses a simple BNC input for
> Jason
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