[time-nuts] 10 MHz Phase Coherent

Martyn Smith martyn at ptsyst.com
Fri May 25 07:38:21 EDT 2007

My company Precision Test Systems makes GPS Disciplined rubidium and OXCO frequency standards (www.ptsysyt.com).  Well that's my free add!!!  What I am always being asked for is to have the 10 MHz sinewave of a GPSDO in phase with the 1 pps pulse (which is UTC aligned).

Does anyone know if any companies make units where the 10 MHz is in phase with the 1 pps UTC signal?  

I'm not convinced anyone needs this feature, but customers keep asking for it, then don't realise they will have to be very careful with their cabling to maintain the phase.

I actually have another product that effectively does this, so I could add it as an option.  But as I said, does anyone really need this??

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