[time-nuts] Pendulums & Atomic Clocks & Gravity

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Sat May 26 19:30:00 EDT 2007

In message: <0JIO00C202MK0B30 at msgmmp-1.gci.net>
            Bill Beam <wbeam at gci.net> writes:
: 'Free fall' implies that g is not zero!
: If g=0 was true, then the satellite would not be falling at all.
: It is beacuse g is not zero, that the satellite is in 'orbit' rather
: than moving off in a straight line.

Einstein showed that the effects of gravity were indistinguishable
from acceleration.

People are confusing weightlessness, where the forces of gravity are
balanced, with the absence of a gravitational field.

Moving the GPS master clocks to the satellites would indeed bring in
relativistic effects because they are accelerating continuously.


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