[time-nuts] HP E1938 oscillator

Don Couch couchclocks at yahoo.com
Sat May 26 22:22:44 EDT 2007

Hi, Rick.
  If you have any left, I would like one. Please let me know how you want paid (cash, money order, paypal, ...)
  Don Couch
  3336 E. Oraibi Drive
  Phoenix, Arizona 85050
  couchclocks at yahoo.com

"Richard (Rick) Karlquist" <richard at karlquist.com> wrote:
  > I still have dozens of surplus E1938A's if anyone
> wants one. They are in "worked the last time it
> was turned on, but no guarantee of specs" condition.
> I can't accept money for these units.
> Rick Karlquist N6RK
> E1938A circuit designer

Due to the high level of interest, I may need to 
limit the oscillators to one per person. I will be
getting the oscillators out of storage today and
will try to make an accounting of oscillators vs
requestors. I am suggesting an $8.95 donation for a
flat rate Priority Mail box. I think it will fit
into one of those boxes.

Regarding non-USA requestors: I will need to look
into the customs aspect of this. If anyone on the
list can give me a tutorial on this it would be
helpful. These are "gifts" if that matters for
customs purposes. Also, they have essentially zero
market value as "discards".

I am happy that I can give these a good home. I almost
threw them away last month while cleaning up.

Rick Karlquist

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