[time-nuts] HP E1938 oscillator

Arnold Tibus Arnold.Tibus at gmx.de
Sun May 27 10:53:47 EDT 2007

Hi Said, 
private international shipment and customs is not that problematic to my 
knowledge and experience, at least between the USA and Europe.

On Sat, 26 May 2007 20:39:23 EDT, SAIDJACK at aol.com wrote:

 >Hello Rick,
 >on the customs issue, you may have to check the items against the commerce  
 >control list (CCL Export Administration Regulation) especially section 3A002 I  
 >Even (or especially!) if they are of "$0" value prototypes.

That is true for bigger and commercial transfers. Customs would appreciate 
to get everything done for them, but who as private person does know about 
this long code list?
I found, for private transfers and small numbers of items, specially for not new 
things of low or no commercial interest, it is ok and sufficient to describe 
verbally but understandable. Just an example:

 "used old (cannibalized) oscillator (clock), for (amateur) radio transmitter, 
unknown state, likely defective, present value USD 8.-- 
(or: none, scrap, but may evtl. look suspicious)" 

For transmitters, antennas and their parts as used by amateurs no tax will be 
collected, just the VAT, which are now 19%, if money is paid for and the value is 
higher than about $ 25. (Tax is anyway lower
In worst case customs may anyway question the declaration  and the recipient 
may then be asked for some clarifications and to open the package, because the 
persons there are not always familiar with the special nomenclature. 

Concerning the remark to prototypes:
Years after official product launch for the international market, do these not 
loose their initial high non-material value?

 >High-tech items such as this "super-high-tech" oscillator cannot be  exported 
 >into all countries w/o export license. You have to check the list, and  then 
 >consider each country individually. Usually most western countries do  not 
 >present an issue except maybe Israel.

Isn't it painted a bit too black? Are there on the world's market not devices 
freely traded, equipped with such but fully qualified new oscillators? 
How do you define then primary standards as surplus?
I would consider other things eg. some special USOs designed for harsh 
environment or modern precision GPS rx etc. as (more) critical....

 >Fedex for example will ask for a "harmonized code" from the CCL to be  
 >written on the transport paperwork, and will not export it without written  
 >declaration by you.
 >The government can be extremely sensitive to this, that's why some  companies 
 >like MiniCircuits require a declaration of conformance even when  buying and 
 >shipping their parts in the US!

Maybe true for key technology parts, which are very special and essential for 
certain very important products for some countries....

 >It is for example illegal to just sent schematics to China via email  without 
 >export license...

 from the follow-on mail of Said:

 >>Just mark them as such:  "Gift, value $1"

 >then maybe "just" go to jail :)

sounds a bit too pessimistic, by the way "Gift" in german does mean "poison" 
which in fact I would not propose to ship ;-) 
But in fact, "gift, value $1" would call me to check the contents...

Arnold Tibus, DK2WT

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