[time-nuts] HP E1938 oscillator

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FEI didn't make the 1000B OCXO



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Robert Atkinson wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd have to agree with Said,
> FEI got hit with fines for shipping 1000B OCXO's that were diverted to 
> a proscribed country. Most major countries that are "allies" of the 
> USA should be OK though.
> It's surprising what is controlled, very high speed 'scopes, low 
> inductance high energy capacitors, quite a lot of fibre optic and 
> laser stuff too.
> Robert.

That would have been under the old COCOM rules and cooresponding lists of
controlled export items.
The actual "controlled export" items in the new lists were revised recently
and such crystal oscillators no longer appear to be a controlled item.
Makes sense, since the Russia and China and other countries have have made
equivalent performance oscillators for years.
Similarly rules on exporting some lasers have also been relaxed.


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