[time-nuts] OT: Not pendulums or atomic clocks or gravity

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Tue May 29 23:43:15 EDT 2007

The angle of incidence is relative to the surface normal, not the surface
itself.  It's 0 degrees as the club face contacts the ball, not 45.

-- john, KE5FX

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> Since you have all enjoyed this discussion on rotating non-inertial
> frames of reference so much, here's another one for you.
> In golf, a typical pitching wedge has an angle of 45 degrees. Since
> angle of incidence equals angle of reflection why doesn't the ball
> bounce off the club, go straight up and hit you in the face? (A good
> golfer would hit it 100m.)
> Jim Palfreyman

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