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Hi Dick

You might try Dave at Artek Media http://www.artekmedia.com/ (or email to
manuals at artekmedia.com).  He's active on the
hp_agilent_equipment at yahoogroups.com list.  I know he has literally *tons*
of HP manuals, because he picked them up from my barn where I've been
storing them since saving them from the dumpster for the Dayton Sales office
several years ago. (they were pitching the entire collection, and I couldn't
bear the thought of loosing all those manuals).  I think they've now found a
good home with Dave, as he seems to really be in the spirit of keeping the
older manuals available.  His prices are pretty reasonable too!


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Hi, tickers -- I recently picked up an HP 5353A plug-in for my HP 5345A.
It's enroute now and is untested. I hate to pay twice as much for a manual
as I did for the unit, and I really like having docs on stuff. I've visited
all the usual suspects -- Didier, Boat-Anchor, TekNet, etc. -- and have
found nothing. Anybody have one I can copy?

Dick Moore

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