[time-nuts] Build my own dist. amp ??

Richard W. Solomon w1ksz at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 13 13:57:36 EST 2008

It would be nice if the second link had a source for the boards.

73, Dick, W1KSZ

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>There are a couple distribution amp projects on the RealHamRadio web site (http://www.realhamradio.com).  One has 8 isolated 75-ohm outputs; the other has 3 non-isolated outputs.  Here are the links to each:
>Neither uses any of your parts, but shouldn't be unreasonable in price.
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>  Can I build my own 10 MHz distribution amp, using fast opamps ?
>  I have searched the archives, but all of the designs are fairly complex for me to build using "point-to-point" on a proto/perf board.
>  I want to feed an oven-ized reference 10 MHz sine signal (50 ohm), as a master clock for my:
>  HP 3325A
>  Keithley Counter
>  PTS 160
>  and future gear.
>  (let's say, 1 in / 6 out)
>  Parts I have in stock are 
>  AD811
>  EL2030, 2070, 2090
>  CLC430
>  CLC200
>  LM7121
>  LM6165
>  Plus some LH0033 "damn fast" current boosting buffers, and some MH0007 clock drivers.
>  I don't build much high-freq stuff....but a lot of audio freq stuff.
>  My first thought is an input opamp buffer, branched off to separate line drivers.
>  Am I anywhere near to achieving my goal ?
>  Thanks.
>  =Randy=
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