[time-nuts] Birthday silliness......

brice at weaponeer.com brice at weaponeer.com
Mon Dec 15 13:21:06 EST 2008

Thanks John,

First Rule - Stay off the internet when it is a eventful birthday and you have had a couple of beers.

Your answer is what I was after after. 

I looked at the numbers again last night, could not get there.
I remember when I was a kid, I tried to figure out if my birthday should be on a different day or time,
 and attempting to resolve the basics that so it made some knd of sence why it was not.
In longer periods we compensate because the earth Sun etc does not always cooperate with perfect timekeeping. 
(like we have a choice) and in the 365 day system, we make up for flaws on certain days and times.
Then add different different calenders to the list, I started thinking, what time is it anyway?

40 is really not that bad, but the day is not over yet.... 

William Rice

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