[time-nuts] PC run FFT

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sat Dec 20 17:01:52 EST 2008

Neville Michie skrev:
> Hi,

Dear Neville,

> does anyone know of a fast fourier transform module or subroutine  
> that could be run in XCEL ?
> Or a small program that could process a data set in a PC.
> It is a convenient way of handling data but I have not seen a FFT in  
> the box of tricks.

I prefer to use FFTW which is a C library which does alot of tricks in 
the background to provide the fastest FFT for your requested size on 
your particular machine. There exists a number of wrappings which makes 
it available in other languages.

You can also use Octave or similar for processing and FFT is also 
available. Some of them actually relies on FFTW nowdays.

I am Linux-oriented, but I see no reason why these should not do their 
job well on Windows etc.


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