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Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Mon Dec 22 08:31:07 EST 2008

Could you be more specific, and perhaps provide a reference?

Paul Mauser's group was pretty fussy about sighting through the
new barrels, and bending them a little here and there to make sure
their bores were perfectly straight.  The WWII records on the M1 Garand
talk of using a bore scope to adjust the adjustible iron sights.
The WWII records on the M1 Carbine talk of the same technique.

-Chuck Harris

Bruce Griffiths wrote:
> Mark Sims wrote:
>> I got to play with a custom .50 BMG that shoots meaningful groups at 1500 meters...  the maker's definition of
>> "meaningful group" is "smaller than your head".  I managed to put two rounds through pretty much the same hole.
>> Don't know where most of the other 18 rounds went...  Then there was his .17 cal varmint rifle.  Does wonders for
>> groundhoggies at 500 yards.  Most gawd awful recoil through.  I was black and blue for a month.  The barrel and all
>> the hardware in those guns is finished to optical tolerances and maintains it despite having just a little less
>> energy than a small nuke going off each time you fire.
> The fact that the direction in which the last 4" of the barrel largely determines the initial trajectory of the
> bullet (in absence of crosswind etc) was made use of to assist in alignment of the sights during mass production of
> infantry rifles during WWII.
> Bruce
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